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The Illusion of the Prestige

posted Apr 26, 2011, 8:24 AM by Elisa Myer   [ updated Jan 20, 2012, 7:43 AM ]
Please Remember:

"There is always a life to be sacrificed the illusion of the prestige."
                                                                               (C)  2011

In the prestigious world of professional auto-racing, where celebrity, fame and fortune are promised, the issues of life and death are minimized. 

Ultimately, victors are lauded as "heroes", but even some brave professional auto-drivers loose their life or limbs  in the process of #winning.
Currently the "sanctioned" auto-racing industry is unregulated and it has extensive  and deliberate license to sell and distribute the culture of 'SPEED" to our kids. 

Professionals are selling and marketing the culture of "SPEED" to our youngest drivers in the USA, and it has far-reaching unintended consequences.

The teenage brain craves what is "fast, fun, easy, and more," and the culture of "Speed" is aggresively seeking our kids'  micro-market-share. 

Racing drivers are not really heroes, and as they continue to finance their activities through children's charities and related 501(c)3 tax-shelters; they proceed without any requirements to educate our kids and their young audience on the dangers of SPEED and reckless driving.

Professional Auto racing is an adult entertainment activity and a venue for show-casing related products and after-market  engineering. There is a time and place for professional auto-racing and it is a sport that is appreciated by the U.S. military and law enforcement across our land.

The current "SPEED-channel" is a cable channel and is not regulated by the FCC AND therefore the cable "Speed-channel" culture is working its way into the mainstream without any consumer protection.  Sanctions and regulations are demanded if Speed is going to be distributed to our kids.
"Incompetent and Complicit"  is No Excuse in 2012.