Our Mission

No Excuses On 18:

When children turn 18, and they make bad choices, people often say, “Well, they were 18, an adult – it was their choice.”  The teenage brain is not developed until at least age 21, so those three years between 18 and 21 are critical for learning how to become an adult.  This idea seems so elementary, but we are loosing our young adult children in preventable accidents and crimes in unmeasured numbers: vehicular manslaughter, murder, rape, etc.   
In America we want our children to go to college so they can mature and make “good choices.”  The Spring season during college selection is particularly stressful and parents must be vigilant to make sure that their children are not too stressed out …and that “Spring Break” is a safe time for fun not for regrets.   Family reinforcements of boundaries and rules that are appropriate for driving, partying, and other Spring Break activities is what NEON 18 speaks to; we want our children to celebrate their 21st Birthdays.

Please see the attached Parent-Teen Safe Teen Driving Contract.  Share the Contract with your Teenager and sign it together.